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Why Hydro?

Lil Rooster rooster
all kinds
whole green house low
Lil Rooster ext
lettuce seedling red and green square
Lil Rooster Jim in greenhouse
Starting across tables
seeds in hand
Lolla starting
across tubes
Lil Rooster int
hydro lettuce
Lil Rooster Van
lettuce growing

Lil Rooster Farm

Hydro Advantages

  • 90% less water than traditional farming

  • Climate controlled greenhouses provide a clean environment. Which means...

    • no pesticides

    • no herbicides

    • no fungicides

  • Balanced nutrients create the perfect growing environment 

  • 4 times the yield in the same space

  • No weeding

  • 100% natural Non-GMO seed


Fresh in season - all year round!

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